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Why is it necessary to warm up before starting sports?

When we go to school, of course we often wonder why sports teachers should ask us to warm up before exercising even though our bodies can immediately exercise. Why ? Warming up turns out to be very important to do because the body naturally has to adjust itself so that it can be more active than usual. If you do not warm up, we may experience dangerous injuries.

Warming up during exercise does not need to be done for long. With just 5 minutes to 15 minutes of warming up, the muscles in the body will become weaker so that the risk of cramps or injury can be suppressed. For example, a muscle that is still cold suddenly has to be used to run fast. Muscles will also be shocked so that they can experience minor or even severe injuries like cramps that make the legs suddenly stiff so that those of us who are running can suddenly fall and get injured. A muscle that is cramping on its own can feel like it’s being pulled, pinched, or even folded. Muscles can also experience tendinitis problems or pain in the muscles so that exercise movements are not optimal. Muscles that experience cramps will be very painful and must be restored immediately so that the condition returns to normal.

If we don’t warm up, exercise tends to be more difficult to do. How could I not, the body which tends to be shocked because it is forced to do more strenuous activities will suddenly tire more easily. Sports movements will become stiffer because the body has difficulty adjusting to the rhythm of the exercise being carried out. In addition, the breath will be much easier to drain and shortness of breath and if you continue to exercise, you can experience fainting while exercising. In addition, shortness of breath can also cause headaches or dizziness considering that the oxygen content to the brain will be less and less. We also have difficulty concentrating while exercising.

Given the high risk of injury during exercise, never forget to warm up before exercising. With a more prepared body, exercise will be safer and more comfortable to do and your body will be healthier.

There is. There are 4 other benefits of warming up before exercising.

Among others :

Increase the amount of oxygen

As the temperature and blood flow increase after heating, the amount of oxygen received by the cells also increases. This will prevent the build-up and accumulation of unwanted waste products and cause aches and pains in the muscles.

Increase movement of the joints

Sports are healthy activities. Warming up before exercise is an important thing to remember. This will increase joint motion and reduce the chance of injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Reducing stress on the heart

Doing vigorous exercise directly without being warmed, will stress your heart. Continuing to exercise after warming up, will be the best way to deal with this problem. This is another benefit of the importance … Read More

Diet Becomes Danger When Done Carelessly

Having an ideal body is almost everyone’s dream. However, not infrequently those who try it only by diet. In general, diets to lose weight are done by reducing calories and avoiding certain foods. Unfortunately, some of them are dieting haphazardly, which in turn can have a health impact and trigger disease.

A bad diet is said to cause more death than smoking or high blood pressure. According to a study in about 200 countries, a bad diet has caused 11 million deaths. The following are some of the risks that arise when a diet is carried out haphazardly and drastically.

Impact on intestinal health

Research published in the journal Nature reveals why many people gain weight after dieting. It is stated that every time you gain or lose weight, the variables in the body change – including blood pressure, cholesterol, and bacteria in the gut, namely the microbiome.

When you gain weight, you will develop more types of intestinal bacteria that support weight gain. Meanwhile, when the body weight decreases and then increases again, the intestinal bacteria are unable to catch up. This can cause a yo-yo effect, as the bacteria that support weight gain are still present in the intestines.

The wrong type of fat can develop

Below the surface of the body, there are types of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Visceral fat is deep abdominal fat that starts to accumulate as people gain weight. This is a problem because these fats are metabolically active. It produces hormones that contribute to heart disease, diabetes and inflammation.

If your body weight changes to higher then lower repeatedly, the amount of visceral fat can continue to increase. Thus, a person has a greater health risk than not losing weight.

Impaired metabolism

Diet generally limits diet. If a person reduces the calories eaten in a day drastically, the body can lack energy. The body can go into starvation mode and refuse to burn the calories it needs. This disruption of metabolism can be reversed if you eat a balanced diet like most people.

Bad for mental health

Yo-yo diets have been linked to mental health problems, such as lack of self-esteem and depression. Also said to decrease the production of serotonin which is responsible for mood, sleep and appetite. Furthermore, people who regain weight after dieting can feel hopeless, as if they have no control. One way of dieting that is not bad for health is difficult. However, try consistently gradually changing your diet to be healthier, exercising, and other healthy lifestyles. Don’t change drastically. For example, do this by reducing the portion of food by 10{428ff37b0d4dcae552a72446bbe2c140703e5d6ef377523bd7ad1b046fb24115} or changing the type of food to be healthier.… Read More

5 Benefits You Can Feel When Exercising Outdoors

Having a healthy body and ideal body is not only obtained from a healthy diet, but also regular exercise. If at this time you have started a healthy diet, then you should also balance it with sports activities. But sometimes the reason for not having the time to register at the fitness center is so many people’s reasons that they don’t start to exercise. Even though exercise does not have to be done in a fitness center, you can also exercise at no cost by choosing physical activity outdoors. Even more fun again, outdoor sports provide many benefits to the body that you might not get when you exercise in the fitness center. Let’s start exercising outdoors to get the following 5 good benefits!

Expanding the mind and imagination

When you exercise in the gym, vision and scenery will be very limited, you only see the tools in the gym, window, or floor. Compare if you exercise outdoors, where you can expand your vision, and how the various senses of the body also feel the atmosphere outside the room. In addition you can also see a broader and diverse scenery, not only the monotonous view of the room. With more variety of scenes that can be seen, the mind and imagination will also be open.

The air is fresher

Choosing to exercise outdoors means pampering yourself to breathe in more oxygen. Plus if the place of exercise is surrounded by green trees. Imagine if doing yoga outdoors in a green room. How much oxygen do you breathe? Certainly very much, right.

Reducing stress

The purpose of a person to exercise is usually to lose weight or reduce blood pressure. It unwittingly puts pressure on yourself, when and how much weight has gone down? By doing sports outdoors, you will feel more play than exercise. So it is far from chasing negative thoughts. In addition, outdoor exercise has also been proven to be able to relieve anger and depression and improve mood (Barton and Pretty, 2010)

Getting vitamin D from sunlight

Behind the hot sun, the fact is the sun (morning) contains vitamin D which provides a variety of good benefits for the body, such as maintaining healthy muscles, boosting the immune system and absorption of calcium and phosphorus. What’s more, in a study showing that someone who is overweight might just be due to a lack of vitamin D.

Save more

The cost of exercising in a gym is not cheap. Moreover, if you have registered as a member but do not have enough time to regularly go there. Let’s stop ‘charity’ at the fitness center and start to take advantage of park facilities and green open spaces. Besides getting the various benefits above, you can also be more efficient because you do not need to pay a membership fee, and have more flexible time to exercise.… Read More

What’s Cancer?


Unexplained anemia Anemia is a condition by which individuals have fewer than the anticipated number of pink blood cells of their blood. They could possibly be symptoms of lung most cancers or head and neck cancer. Anyone with a nagging cough that lasts more than a month or with blood within the mucus that’s coughed up should see a health care provider. Although some cancers develop utterly with out symptoms, the disease could be significantly devastating should you ignore signs as a result of you don’t think that these symptoms may symbolize most cancers.

Pancreatic Cancer

Carcinomas.A carcinoma begins in the pores and skin or the tissue that covers the surface of inner organs and glands. Examples of carcinomas includeprostate most cancers,breast cancer,lung cancer, andcolorectal cancer. These include leukemias, most types of lymphoma, and myeloma. is a registered 501 nonprofit organization devoted to providing data and group to these touched by this illness. Learn extra about our commitment to offering complete, accurate, and private breast cancer info.

Various Treatment


Since the earliest medical records had been saved, cancer as a illness has been described in the historical past of medicine. The earliest recognized descriptions of most cancers seem in seven papyri, found and deciphered late in the 19th century. They offered the first direct data of Egyptian medical practice. The Smith papyrus describes surgery, while the Ebers’ papyrus outlines pharmacological, mechanical, and magical treatments. Unexpected weight loss, night time sweats, or feverThese nonspecific symptoms could be current with a number of several types of most cancers.

Medical checks are essential for detecting breast cancer as early as potential and for getting appropriate care. Read concerning the checks used for screening, prognosis, and monitoring; genetic testing; the process of receiving your take a look at results; and more. Whether you’ll be able to forestall prostate cancer through diet has yet to be conclusively proved. But consuming a nutritious diet with a variety of vegetables and fruits can enhance your total health. Uses medication to interfere with certain molecules that assist cancer cells grow and survive. Uses drugs that are toxic to cells to kill quickly-dividing cancer cells.

Pancreatic most cancers can seem with weight loss and no particular pain. Men experiencing urinary symptoms want additional investigation, probably together with blood checks and a digital rectal exam. The PSA blood take a look at, its indications, and interpretation of outcomes should be mentioned together with your well being care provider.


Two 18th-century French scientists, doctor Jean Astruc and chemist Bernard Peyrilhe, conducted experiments to substantiate or disprove hypotheses associated to most cancers. Their efforts, nonetheless absurd they appear looking back, established experimental oncology, the science of looking for better analysis, remedies and understanding of the causes of most cancers. During this era, environmental cancers have been reported, and hospitals specializing in cancer care have been opened. In the modern world, science and surgical procedure superior as physicians returned to direct remark of the human body. However, the speculation that most cancers … Read More

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Welcome To The Marion County Public Well Being Department

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Stay linked to essential information, well being information and fascinating dialog by following HCA on social media today. Stigma Free OC is a motion that goals to stamp out stigma round mental health and substance use problems, one pledge at a time. View licensed or certified substance use disorder applications, or register your own, via the Department of Health Care Services. Meetings are held at the Edgecombe County Human Services Building positioned at 122 E.

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On Fridays, the Environmental Health workplace will physically close at 2 p.m.; nonetheless, clients can schedule appointments prematurely to take place after 2 p.m. The unfold of a extra contagious COVID-19 virus variant across the state and northern Michigan is inflicting health officials to induce residents to get vaccinated at clinics this week. Illnesses and hospitalizations have elevated, and several other deaths have been reported over the past week, together with one within the year-old range.

d) Collaborate with the JCHD WIC program employees to schedule one on one educational sessions with pregnant and breastfeeding moms who use marijuana and supply them with free lock luggage for secure storage of marijuana merchandise. The Jackson County Health Department has acquired funds to extend education, communication, and outreach regarding the Michigan Medical Marihuana Laws for residents on Jackson County. Among different things, this Act delegates accountability for marijuana licensing, regulation and enforcement to the Michigan Department of Regulatory Affairs . LARA’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency is answerable for the oversight of medical and grownup-use marijuana in Michigan. The factsheets / links below will present extra data concerning the brand new regulation, and the consequences on special populations similar to teens and pregnant women. An overview of marijuana and a supplier factsheet can also be supplied. The Jackson County Health Department won’t deny participation in its programs based on race, intercourse, faith, national origin, age, or incapacity.

Time is allotted initially of the assembly for public comments. The Texas Flood Registry is dedicated to higher understanding the health and housing effects of major storms. The public discover and agenda for each public assembly is posted in the foyer of this Department and on the Public Meeting Notices page. Health Screenings State-extensive applications that present eligible men with free colon most cancers screening and women with free colon, breast, and cervical most cancers screening. All of these things will assist you to be a healthier individual for your self and your loved ones. Children & Teen Health Protecting the health and nicely being of your youngsters and instructing them to be advocates of their well being is among the most essential issues you can do.

If you are not able to print off the form, there will be consent forms available at your appointment. April is STD Awareness Month, and it is an opportunity to boost awareness about what STDs are and the way they impact our lives; and understand why it’s important to prevent, take a look at for, and … Read More

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Only One In 4 People Expertise Delicate Systemic Unwanted Effects From Covid


The governor’s plan is by far essentially the most sweeping health reform proposal that any state has tried lately. We need clean rivers and lakes, where you can swim without risk to your well being. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Scientific publication of public well being information and suggestions. Fellowships & Internships CDC has many diverse learning alternatives for college kids and professionals.Meet Meghan Meet individuals who work 24/7 to defend America from health threats.

Ticks That Cause Lyme Disease As Plentiful Close To Beaches As Within The Woods

We’re committed to serving to you stay informed about COVID-19 and entry the care and protection you need. A research effort to revolutionize how we improve well being and treat disease. A public-personal partnership to develop a coordinated research technique to hurry the most promising COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. NIH is the nation’s medical analysis company, supporting scientific studies that turn discovery into well being.


Symptomatic vacationers should instantly self-isolate and contact the native health department or their healthcare suppliers to find out if they need to search COVID-19 testing. The journey pointers require all New Yorkers, in addition to these visiting from out-of-state or another country, to take private responsibility for compliance in the best interest of public well being and safety. This device does not present medical advice It is meant for informational functions solely. It just isn’t an alternative to skilled medical advice, prognosis or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in looking for treatment due to something you have read on the WebMD Site. If you think you may have a medical emergency, instantly name your doctor or dial 911. All New Yorkers age 16 and older are noweligiblefor the vaccine.While the vaccination process is underway, New Yorkers should proceed to put on a masks, social distance, avoid massive gatherings and follow all different health guidelines.

There are greater than 200 classifiedExternal forms of mental illness. Some of the principle types of psychological sickness and issues are listed beneath; nevertheless, this listing is not exhaustive. People can expertise various kinds of psychological sicknesses or disorders, they usually can often occur at the similar time.


Read our latest articles, medical solutions, and medical app evaluations and focus on health matters with different members. It’s estimated that only 30{e0f583a686f874eb482e0aad42a2edb75c3c665a793acf921d58646f648ab5ae} of American adults do the twice-per-week energy training beneficial by consultants.

Some individuals think they want particular equipment to perform energy-constructing workouts, whereas others simply don’t know where to begin. Adding three easy workouts—push-ups, reverse lunges, and planks—to at least one’s bodily exercise twice per week might help enhance energy, which can assist a person stay impartial longer. Doctors and Medical Facilities Find instruments to find doctors, hospitals, care services, and other medical amenities. To see your customized listing of health plan options now, enter your zip code. Take care of you and your baby with our maternity well being applications. We work onerous to provide our members … Read More

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Tell us about your past health experiences so we will set targets from day 1. This coaching plan calculator will help you discover a program that is simply best for you primarily based in your age, gender, and objectives. Hello and welcome to Only Fit Gear, the place to seek out the best Fitness and Yoga Equipments for every exercise. We thoroughly examine the standard of our items, working solely with dependable suppliers so that you only receive the best quality product. We at Only Fit Gear imagine in prime quality and distinctive customer service.

The Carolinas’ Largest Health Retailer & Service Supplier

But most significantly, we believe buying is a right, not a luxurious, so we attempt to ship one of the best products at the most reasonably priced prices, and ship them to you no matter the place you might be situated. As extra of us look to the outdoors as our fitness playground, a good cooler becomes essential for heat, sunny days. ORCA’s roto-molded construction essentially creates a stronger, single piece of plastic with higher insulation and longevity. Goldens’ has an extended lineage in Georgia courting again to 1882, establishing itself as a component maker for quite a lot of industrial functions. Fast forward to the 21st century the place its most recent additions include a variety of dumbbells and kettlebells made from the identical hearty cast iron. Sold in pairs, these dumbbells make a superb addition to any home gym. Sometimes, a exercise requires tall socks and you could do a lot worse than sticking with one of the proven names in foot relief.

We’ve beneficial the Fitbit Sense earlier than, which not solely tracks your fitness data, but additionally supplies perception on sleep patterns, coronary heart rate, pores and skin temperature, and extra. Any yoga lover with sweaty palms will get plenty of use out of this sweat-wicking hand towel, which helps keep balance in poses and is half off now. This reversible towel is right for any yoga enthusiast with sweaty palms and is sourced primarily from recycled water bottles for an eco-pleasant twist. Here’s a drugs ball from Nike that provides a full-body workout, featuring a heavy-duty coating that makes it simple to grip. Use this yoga strap to accommodate and carry your go-to mat, or as a prop for deeper stretching to enhance your follow. All merchandise featured on SELF are independently selected by our editors.

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We all need a workout outfit that flatters and feels comfortable—and stays put. Our editors rounded up a number of the greatest exercise gear for actual ladies as a result of there’s nothing incorrect with eager to look good while breaking a sweat.

Men’s Knit Beanie Stocking Cap Bodybuilding Coaching Fitness Center Health Exercise Head Gear Activewear Train

These explicit socks are woven with particular technology to scale back blisters in tandem with a bolstered toe and heel. We are additionally engaged on adding extra features to help you manage your gear, keep monitor of repairs, … Read More

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How Many People Have Been Vaccinated In Wales?

Last week, it used only 39{e0f583a686f874eb482e0aad42a2edb75c3c665a793acf921d58646f648ab5ae}, though provides had been slightly lower because of the pause in shipments of theJohnson & Johnsonone-dose vaccine. The state’s every day vaccine report confirmed that within the reporting week that ended Monday, about fifty nine,000 Kentuckians obtained a first dose.

American Affiliation For Cancer Research, April 10

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Health has completed a course of evaluation of state COVID-19 vaccine administration to attenuate potential waste and support suppliers receiving greater supplies of vaccine forward of opening eligibility to Phase 1c. NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Health, with the assistance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is nearing completion of a month-lengthy investigation into the COVID-19 vaccine handling procedures on the Shelby County Health Department. NASHVILLE – Tennessee Governor Bill Lee today introduced all Tennessee adults shall be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination no later than April 5. Tennesseans aged 55 and older and people in Phase 2 of the state’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan are eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations efficient Mar. 18. NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Health is performing upon latest steerage from the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to pause administration of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Our vaccine provide continues to surpass demand and we don’t anticipate this shift will impression our efforts to vaccinate as many Tennesseans as potential. NASHVILLE – Today the Tennessee Department of Health launched outcomes from a 3rd celebration, statewide quantitative and qualitative survey of greater than 1,000 grownup Tennesseans exploring sentiments around the COVID-19 vaccine.

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That was 31 percent less than the roughly eighty five,000 the earlier week, and less than half the 125,000-plus in every of the 2 weeks earlier than that. “Every day, we get a step nearer to reaching the 2.5 million-vaccine Team Kentucky Vaccination Challenge and ending this pandemic once and for all,” Beshear said. Those numbers stood out more than these on the every day pandemic report, which confirmed slight will increase in new circumstances and the constructive-test price. AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group that empowers folks to decide on how they stay as they age. Everyday Health’s Chief Medical Editor Arefa Cassoobhoy, MD, MPH, maps out the path to “accurate, sensible” medical data. NASHVILLE – Today the Tennessee Department of Health introduced state-particular visitation restrictions for lengthy-time period care services will finish efficient February 28, 2021. Facilities ought to use the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services steerage for secure operation and visitation with restricted visitation restrictions no longer in place on the state degree.

A photograph of ear, nostril and throat specialist Dr Bernadette Albertine Francisca sporting only a flimsy rain jacket went viral after she handed away from coronavirus in March. Shortages of PPE for Indonesian health staff in the early days of the outbreak have been extensively reported, with docs in some regional areas ordered to put on rain jackets to work … Read More